What we do for you?

The art of professional media monitoring is to filter out the noise. Media Info Grup Indonesia relies for this in part on automated systems supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) but the final selection is made by humans. People understanding your needs, being able to adjust to changing circumstances.

Print and Online monitoring

We offer the most complete coverage and manually select by relevance. You receive the articles in their original layout, with advertising value and circulation or range.

Radio and Television Monitoring

A clear overview of your media attention in news and current affairs programs including a short summary, links to excerpts, media value and viewing figures.

Social Media Monitoring

How is your brand discussed on Twitter? Which Instagrammers talk about your product? What do your influencers do? Discover what your target audience writes about you.

Media Analysis

Our specialized analysts give you the insights to sharpen your communication strategy with quantitative and qualitative analyses of your media attention.


From Mediaweb you can easily filter, categorize and export all your media results to reports, charts or newsletters in your own 'look & feel' and with the NewsSource app you can create a professional e-magazine with all the relevant news for your company and stakeholders.

Influencer Monitoring

Do you work with influencers? You can measure the influencers attention in relation to your product. How does the audience respond to influencers posts. We give you the insights.

Why are we different?


We monitor from several thousand printed papers and magazines. Both local and national. We also monitor tens of thousands online web sources, All relevant and accessible social media channels and most radio and television stations.


All media monitoring needs can be displayed, stored in various forms according to your needs.

Read and selected by people

We select all items by hand. Computer are getting smarter but our reading staff makes the ultimate selection according to your request.

Permanent archive

Your archive on Mediaweb will remain available indefinitely. Handy if you want to look up again how you were in the news a few years ago or if you want to make a report over several years.


We have everything to develop new functionalities and to expand our products. We would like to hear how you work with our data and how we can improve our services to you.