The early days

More than a hundred years ago the Central Correspondence Bureau for Newspapers MS Vaz Dias. A very long name, and therefore quickly known in Amsterdam as Press Office Vaz Dias.

Vaz Dias also started the clipping service with his own family name as his company name. The foundation for the media monitoring business was already laid. Vaz Dias collected the news and used it not only for distribution to the newspapers from the news agency, but also reported it to companies, which subsequently took advantage of it.

The clipping service Vaz Dias delivered several copies to newspapers and magazines. Such as delivering the exhibition and market messages, lottery clich├ęs, sketches, the daily newspaper illustrations and fascinating feuilletons by well-known writers. The flourishing company already had 84 employees in 1928. An important and large customers for the cutting service were then the Red Cross and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Around 1965 Antal Clipping entered the Dutch market and in the early eighties Vaz Dias was rebranded as Euroclip. By than a new competitor has entered the market, Knipsel Info Service, which quickly became the market leader.

Media Info Group

Knipsel Info Service acquired it's previous competitors Antal Clipping in 1999 and Euroclip in 2004. By than the production process was completely digitized. Articles were more and more delivered electronically to client. In 2007 Reporterservice, a radio and television monitor, was added as well. The different brands remained in the market under their own names server different parts of the market.

On 12-12-12 the four monitoring companies, Antal Clipping, Euroclip, Knipsel Info Service and Reporterservice, were merged into the Media Info Group.

CEO of Media Info Group is Mark Reisz. He is the son of founder Ms Lia Reisz and thus the second generation within the family business. Mark Reisz has been involved with the Knipsel Info Service since its founding in 1979 by his mother. After completing his study Business Administration at the Erasmus University, he started working with his mother in the family business and was responsible for the digitizing process and expansion of the company.

Currently over 140 employees are working on two locations in Almere the Netherlands and Jakarta Indonesia.