Media Info Grup is a specialist in print media monitoring. But you may be wondering: what exactly does print media entail? Print media includes advertising in physically printed media such as magazines, newspapers and journals. It is an accessible form for companies to communicate with their target audience. In today's digital age, you might think that print media is a thing of the past. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Print media is a proven approach to marketing and to break the communication barrier between you and your target group.


As a company it is valuable to know what is being said about your organization in the media. Insight into volume, sentiment, reach and trends are very important for a strong reputation. By being informed and analyzing the tone-of-voice of the reporting, it is possible to form a picture of the reputation in question. Based on this, it is possible to make adjustments or to rectify messages with incorrect information.


Media Info Group offers a high-quality print media monitoring service. With more than 3,000 titles, our print coverage covers virtually the entire range of newspapers, magazines and specialist journals in Indonesia. If desired, we can also offer international coverage. Media Info Group provides quality and reliable data in a clear overview, which you can use to compile reports, justify budgets and adjust campaigns, among other things. At Media Info Group we start manually processing the articles at night, so we can deliver quickly.

The best coverage

From the well-known newspapers and magazines to door-to-door and professional journals: with over 3,000 titles we monitor virtually all the print media you can think of. We also closely monitor online media. We monitor more than 100,000 Indonesian orientated news sites and blogs for you. Are there titles you would like to see added to our portfolio? We will quickly arrange it for you.

Only relevant articles

All our articles are selected and rated for relevance by humans, not by computers. This unique service ensures that you only get the clippings that are relevant to you and prevents noise.

Advertising value, circulation and reach

You receive the actual articles, so you can see how they appeared. This also applies to the online publications. We enhance each article with metadata: the advertising value plus circulation or range. A uniform measurement method for printed and online articles also allows you to compare all results.

Online dashboard for easy insight

All your media results are transparent via a single dashboard on our web portal media-web. Easy to filter, categorize and export to reports, charts or newsletters in your own look & feel. And easy to supplement with content from third parties. With our app Nieuwsbron you can create a professional e-magazine with relevant news for your company and stakeholders. You can also perform simple analyses on media web. Media Info Group makes print media monitoring easy for you!


Are you interested in our print media monitoring service? Then feel free to contact us. Media Info Grup would be happy to help you!